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In-house producers, developers, media production specialists, animators, and designers. Our team have been doing this for a long time, in every imaginable environment, for a wide variety of industries. 


That’s our speciality. Our in-house production team works collaboratively with you to create custom content that speaks directly to your audience, because after all; you know them best.

What sets us apart

We’ve climbed the sides of ships, strapped cameras to haul trucks, and responded with Ambulance inspectors. Companies trust us to uphold their values, interview their leaders, and connect with their teams.

Effective and engaging communication tools create impact.

Multimedia for Training

High end MULTIMEDIA to enhance your training material

Stand alone learning content is designed, developed and produced by us to boost your new or existing online or classroom learning. Because after all learning is communication… and that’s kind of our bag.

Our team is able to tackle any custom content requests that best support your company’s learning experience. Whether it’s training videos, still photography, graphic explainers, clever animations or infographics. Media assets add a point of difference to your learning, enhancing both existing or newly developed content.

We like to think of learning as a vehicle, transporting knowledge from one person to another. Multimedia content is simply the moving parts.

Custom e-learning Course Development


If multimedia training solutions are the parts of a vehicle, consider custom course development the whole car.

We have honed our capability to develop classroom and e-learning courses from the ground up by leveraging both our development and media production teams. From mapping learning pathways and writing course content, to custom development of media-rich assets; all designed to meet your learning outcomes. Our SCORM compliant courses can be plugged directly into your Learning Management System. Our services can be utilised as a full-service solution or an instant capability expansion of your Learning and Development team.

Executive Support


Our in-house graphic design and production team are ready to lighten the load by providing multimedia executive support. If your internal teams are overloaded or you’re simply looking for a fresh visual take on your report or presentation, eluminate can work with you to create content that aligns with your business needs.

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We are also a creative content agency passionate about crafting captivating and unforgettable stories that ignite inspiration. Based in Newcastle, our skilled team has the ability to conceive, document, and narrate your story into awe-inspiring works of art.

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