Hunter Water

Code of Conduct

As well as our extensive production work with Hunter Water, we were also engaged as a primary e-learning partner. The brief for this project was to design and develop an effective and engaging learning tool that accurately reflected Hunter Water’s Code of Conduct and the learning objectives. Their previous course was outdated and required a full customised re-script and re-design. 

We leveraged eluminate’s development and production teams to create a fully animated training package that integrated into the existing LMS.


The process included a review of course materials and a complete restructure of modules and content considering the student journey and engagement. We collaborated with our subject matter experts to rescript the course based on this new structure. 

Custom graphics and characters were developed with our graphics team in line with brand guidelines and course requirements. 

Our animators and developers then worked closely to build the package within Articulate Storyline 360. This involved the compilation of various elements – graphics, animation, video and interactivities for assessment and engagement.



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