Our Creative Team

Our team is made up of unique individuals, bringing different skill sets while sharing our same values. We share our victories, our memories and our experiences; the collaborative process starts with us.

Ben (He/Him)

Managing Director / Chief Listener and Ideas Maestro

Ben is the backbone of our team, ensuring both the team and our clients are happy. He wears many hats, constantly running between shoots, meetings, interviews and the edit suite. Inspired by the impact we can have, he is a blue sky thinker, pushing us to try something new and learn along the way. With years of industry experience, he is able to give priceless insights and support.

Mel (She/Her)

Director / Accounts / Financial Electrician

Mel is the logical one in our team, keeping us all in check. A Xero master, she balances the budgets through her numerous trello boards and highlighted diary entries. A multi-tasker at her core, she is able to wear many hats, yet ensuring every decision is thoroughly thought out and explored. When she’s not crunching numbers, she is finding new scenic spots to park the caravan.

Kath (She/Her):

General Manager / Keeper of Sanity

Kath is the one who crosses the t’s and dots the i’s. She has mastered the art of juggling - supporting our team and our clients. She is a true people person, determined to foster connections and build relationships. As an experienced designer, brand guardian, marketing manager, and social media strategist - she packs a lot of punch.

Emily (She/Her)

Senior Producer / Vibe Curator

Emily has a superpower for turning concepts into reality, always full of inspiration and innovative solutions. We've seen Emily kick ass in a boardroom, formulate the idea on the drive home, hand draw the storyboard and deliver beyond expectations. With a hands-on approach she is dedicated to sharing stories and empowering everyone - aka your personal cheerleader.

Stephen (He/Him)

Senior Producer / Story Wrangler

Stephen is a conceptual thinker and is always looking for unique ways to tell a story. Global media experience means he knows what he's talking about but he never stops name dropping. Sometimes zany but mostly superlative, his ideas drive the creative capability of our team. As our resident Englishman, he can be hard to understand when excited... and don't mention football if you want anything done.

Krystal (She/Her)

Graphic Designer / Client Manager / Master of Kerning

Krystal is our resident master of exceeding expectations. Rising to the challenge is her neutral position. It is frankly scary when she becomes motivated. Designers are deeply creative by nature so we have unleashed these combined forces across our entire business. From one day to the next, you will find Krystal developing brand elements or leading a boardroom of executives through a creative workshop.

Reid (He/Him)

Animator / Movement Magician

Reid works deep in the world of animation - none of us know how he does it, but he never stops impressing. He walks fast, and thinks faster. Reid works closely with the team to turn their static visuals into dynamic movements full of life. He is patient when we try to explain to him how we envision something (hand movements and sound effects included) and somehow he understands us.

Bailey (He/Him)

Cinematographer / Editor / Filler of Silence

Bailey brings unbridled excitement and boundless energy to all his projects. Our days are never a bore because of his unique perspectives on life and intensely personal stories. A day on location with him is reinvigorating and food for the soul. Beneath the vibrancy and playfulness, is a highly experienced and deeply passionate cinematographer.

in our world

We are the daydreamers that gaze out the window. The ones that know all our barista’s names. We are the people who laugh so hard they cry. The ones that capture candid moments; the smiles, the tears, the lives. We say ‘yes and’. The ones that question why. We splash in puddles and soak in golden hour’s glow to capture content that tells your story. And it’s down right beautiful.

We not only get to make memories, we get to design them, record them, tell them. We look for the meaning in every moment; there is a message in every second. We are the ones that edit into the night, set up before dawn and dream of what’s next. Yet, we are also the ones who can hit pause.
Breathe. And celebrate our team and clients accomplishments.

We are able to make the unremarkable, remarkable. The unnoticed, noticed. And the unimaginable, come to life. We are the ones that paint the sky blue. The ones that not only love their jobs, but recognise its potential. We are able to create impact that results in change. That is bigger than any job title.

We do it for our families. Our communities. Our clients. We love to hear “this is the favourite part of my day” or empower someone to share their authentic self on screen. We give you the confidence to be creative. We are the ones that hold up a magnifying glass to the world and look. No actually, look. Because our inspiration is all around us, especially in you.

We are problem solvers. We are storytellers. We are collaborators.

Our Values

Accordion Content

Looking inward, our purpose is to support each other through trust, initiative, collaboration, creativity and celebration. Nothing is below or above any us, as a great team doesn’t rely on any one individual to star… it is comprised of stars.

Living Our Values

We face challenges with resilience and confidence. If we trust in our shared abilities, we will find the best solution, and nothing will overwhelm us.

Living Our Values

Advocacy is our best pathway to new opportunities. Central to every decision are the needs and happiness of the people who commission our services. Positive and lasting relationships will grow our business and improve our wellbeing.

Living Our Values

Opportunities to develop ourselves, increase our skills and grow personal wealth, come from joint success. Ensuring a balance of passion, creativity and efficiency is how eluminate will flourish. If we focus on personal, team, and economic growth, we will all benefit.

Living Our Values

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