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NSW Paramedics attend over 8000 cardiac arrests per year. Therefore it is imperative to equip them with the correct knowledge and procedures to approach these situations. As part of the educational toolkit to teach paramedics about cardiac arrests, we created an e-learning course.


In collaboration with NSW Ambulance we created an e-learning course that combined 2D and 3D animation to teach paramedics about acute coronary syndrome (ACS). Rather than one long video, we applied our skills in Articulate to craft a learning journey that would be interactive, informative and engaging.


The final course was put on NSW Ambulance’s internal Learning Management System. This course formed part of the paramedics’ educational toolkit when it came to learning about cardiac arrests and the procedures NSW Health employs.



Eluminate was professional, understanding and flexible. Eluminate made efforts to understand the complex nature of the content. This allowed them to create design elements beyond our imagination in areas of the project. Our team were able to present concepts, at times in a basic manner, and have the vendor create professional and immersive content.
Cardiac team
NSW Ambulance

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