Reflections Holiday Parks

Gathay Nyiirun Aboriginal Cultural Competency Training

Reflections Holiday Parks are located on crown land and this land has an immense cultural significance for First Nation Peoples. That’s why it was important for Reflections to develop an eLearning course that would facilitate a competent level of cultural understanding and respect for inducted staff members. We collaborated with Reflection’s Aboriginal Engagement Officer to develop an Articulate Rise360 course that would educate Reflections staff about Indigenous culture, history and Reflection’s role in reconciliation.


We developed eight learning modules in collaboration with Reflection’s Aboriginal Engagement Officer. To create the eLearning course we started by creating a collaborative scripting document. Using this as a base we discerned what content would be best communicated as video, interactive elements, animation or simple text blocks. 

Our production team then set out to capture vision and record interviews for the video content, while our in-house graphics and learning team laid out the course content and developed a visual style for the course that was consistent with Reflection’s corporate branding and worked in conjunction with their RAP artwork. 

The modular approach of the Articulate Rise360 course allowed for easy course restructuring and continued client revisions even after the course has gone live internally.

It was a truly enriching project to work on as we learnt a lot in the process about Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture and history.



This was my first project working with eluminate. “Wow” these people make you feel so comfortable when filming and demonstrated an openness and respect for Aboriginal culture which was vital throughout the development of this project. After a few initial meetings they completely understood our product and what we were looking for. Their attention to design elements and video content detail was spot on. Now, of course, they are our creatives of choice.
Cheryl Newton
Aboriginal Engagement Officer, Reflections Holiday Parks

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