Port Stephens Council

Place Plans

What makes a place your place? After all, a place is something you can’t touch or put a price on, you feel it. 

Port Stephens Council explored this concept through their Place Plans initiative. Our client was looking to connect community members to their place to help better plan for the future. Place has a different meaning to all of us and this project gave residents a platform to share theirs. 

The Project

Our job was to capture this passion for place from different community members. The piece highlights people from different paths and shares their unique perspective. It was vital to tell their stories authentically and promote the area they are all so proud of. We filmed people in a place that’s important to them and that’s undeniably Port Stephens.

The scripting stage was an important element in this project as the voice-over needed to capture the essence of the community stories. With a poetic feel, the voice-over guides the audience through the story allowing for the message to be delivered clearly. 

Overall, the video has a community feel, showcasing the relaxed aura of the area. Pairing the vision of the people with textural shots of the local flora and fauna, made this piece feel warm and uplifting. 

Body of Work

The video was deployed across Port Stephen Councils’ website and social media channels. Working as a conversation starter, this launched the initiative and helped bridge the gap between community and council. This project helped both parties get on board with a shared vision and better understood the communities values and priorities while also encouraging new voices to be heard. 



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