Port of Newcastle

Brand Launch

The Port of Newcastle approached eluminate Creative and Cordial, with a challenge to re-brand one of Newcastle’s most recognisable and critical assets.

We not only accepted this challenge, but jumped at the chance to be part of something that contributes to the city we are proud to live in.

Throughout this process, eluminate’s role was to develop the overarching look and feel of the video content and still imagery, by using various techniques when grading, composition, subject matter and more. This resulted in a series of campaign content and this brand launch video.


During the process of re-branding the Port of Newcastle, eluminate worked closely with the PON team to uncover a closer look at what the port means to the community and how the changing environment will create positivity for the future of Newcastle. You can learn more about this ongoing campaign in our More Than A Port case study.

Alongside the more in-depth video production, eluminate produced a suite of still photography, textural vision for their website and content customised specifically for various social platforms.

This Brand Launch video was produced as part of the unveiling of the Port of Newcastle’s new brand, to communicate its position as the global trade gateway embracing new opportunities and new ways to grow.


“This new logo aims to enhance the understanding of the Port, communicate our vision for the future and set a path towards achieving the opportunities that are before us.”
Craig Carmody
CEO, Port of Newcastle


Upon completion of this project, eluminate took a greater look at the collaboration with the client, graphic designers and themselves to highlight the benefits of local partnerships. See the full video above.

Learn more about the branding component of the project on Cordial’s website.

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