Pacific Smiles Group


In September 2022, Pacific Smiles Group (PSG) held a conference for their leadership teams. PSG reached out to eluminate to develop a body of work to enhance the event and celebrate its success. 

We worked with some of our favourite people on this one and really enjoyed capturing the connection, human stories and PSG’s ambition for success.


 We unpacked stories from the year – personal challenges, floods, navigating a dental business during COVID. There were tears from both PSG staff and the eluminate producers for this one.  

It was a team effort from eluminate, with a full crew who filmed and captured the event (and memories) onsite. It was also very special to watch the reactions to our content played out on the big screen. 

We then had a fast turnaround for post conference content for those who missed out, or those who wanted to look back on memories!

Thank you to the PSG team for letting us come along for the journey!

Special is an understatement. Firstly, thanks so much for your efforts to make our conference a success. The videos were exceptional, and the photos are amazing.
PSG Team




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