Newcastle Airport

Fren Family

Newcastle Airport takes the much loved Fren Family to the sky, promoting the ease of flying regionally, the airport upgrades and celebrating their new direct route flights. 

eluminate worked closely with the NAPL ambassadors as they came along for the ride, authentically capturing not only the airport’s benefits but the destinations beauty, fun and excitement (while having a few laughs with the Fren’s along the way).

Frens family standing in Newcastle Airport carpark with suitcases

The Mission

Newcastle Airport came to eluminate to help promote the airport upgrades, offering new conveniences and services for the region. This project was broken down into different segments within the campaign, one to promote the airport upgrades and the other to promote the new route announcement to Cairns.

For the first component of this campaign, our crew shadowed the Fren family testing the new facilities throughout the airport, such as the state-of-the-art security system, the well stocked bar and culinary delights. We worked closely with each family member creating a balance of their impromptu style of performance, and fed them content to hit the campaign’s key messaging. This production style worked well in order to produce a series of vignettes for digital rollout.

For the next part of this campaign, eluminate had the opportunity to follow the family through their journey from Newcastle to Cairns with Jetstar’s new direct flights. Our challenge was to successfully capture not only the stunning beauty of the landscape but also tell the story so many of us relate to – the family holiday.


The Results

Our team captured a range of content including longer form video pieces, short vignettes, and stills photography that highlighted the airport’s many assets. We then joined the Fren’s on their trip up north to create a promotional campaign. This content highlights numerous Cairns adventures, the humour and overall experience drums up excitement for Cairns. The ‘Direct to Cairns’ branding was designed in-house and applied to billboards and social tiles to extend the campaign, along with a range of quality still photography.

All content produced was utilised in NAPL’s marketing collateral including digital, social and print.

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