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Do you know what Stormwater is?

Stormwater is rainwater that falls in urban areas and runs off hard surfaces like roofs, roads, car parks, paths and driveways into stormwater drains. Stormwater does not go to the same place as the water flushed down your toilet or poured down your sink. It is a separate system. It also does not get treated before it ends up in our rivers, lakes and oceans.

eluminate’s goal for this project was to educate and empower the community on the importance of protecting our waterways.

Part 1


Hunter Water tasked eluminate to produce two pieces of content to speak to separate audiences, adults and children. Our team then worked with Hunter Water to refine the purpose of the content and highlight the key messages.

Protecting the waterways is an important campaign message to increase awareness that our stormwater eventually ends up in creeks, rivers, harbours and the ocean. This campaign sits under their Love Water umbrella and encourages the community to play their part in preventing things from getting caught in stormwater. Some examples of items that get caught are; litter such as plastic bottles, food packaging and cigarette butts, oil and grease from cars, dirt, leaves, twigs, animal droppings, chemicals and even trolleys.


PART 1 – For an older audience

To ensure that our content effectively resonated with the intended audience, Part 1 was anchored by several key elements. These included a compelling script delivered by a strong voiceover, engaging interactions and interviews featuring Hunter Water’s stormwater team (the delightful Julia and Brendon). Additionally, Part 1 featured vision showcasing the beauty of our region and custom animations designed to explain the journey of stormwater. This consistent animation and design style connects Part 1 with Part 2, to ensure there is a campaign feel.


PART 2 – For a younger audience

The creation of the character Storm Water, a lovable droplet, serves as the centrepiece of our story, depicting the journey of stormwater within the Hunter Water network. This narrative encourages viewers to ensure her safe and clean return to Papa Creek and Mumma River.

Our engaging script and the delivery by the voice-over artist breathe life into the character. The animation style is designed to be cute and emotive, catering to a younger audience. Our talented in-house animator Reid worked on character and scene design, illustrations, sound effects, and final animation. Emily, our project lead, oversaw the seamless integration of these elements as the Producer across both parts of this project


Part 2

“It’s been a really positive experience working with eluminate to see this project come together. There were a few different elements to this campaign and the team were so helpful in pulling together a cohesive and engaging body of work. It’s great to work with such a creative team who can turn an idea into something special!"
Eliane Beveridge
Media and Communications Advisor - Hunter Water Corporation

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