Headstart ABI

Awareness Campaign

We were approached by Headstart to help them tell authentic stories about life after Acquired Brain Injury. Their focus was to celebrate the people that they work with, but also to identify the benefits of finding specialised support.

Telling stories is the mainstay of our business and every member of our team loves to do it. When the stories are this inspirational, it is all the more satisfying. Not just from the pleasure of doing the work but also the feeling that we are contributing to a greater thing.


Headstart had commenced a project to rejuvenate their brand and increase awareness of their presence in the support services market. We proposed a series of narrative pieces that would serve to humanise the organisation, evoke an emotional response, and ultimately educate people that specialist brain injury support exists in our region.

Each story was captured by spending time having a yarn, a few laughs, and the odd tear. These are extraordinary people and the stories tell themselves, we just had to polish them up and make them look beautiful.




Maximising reach and providing content value was paramount to this project. Our focus was to develop as many pieces of deployable content from these stories as possible. 

Capturing stories in a relaxed interview style allowed us to spend time with each star. This time also allowed us to capture beautiful textural vision. Adopting this production method yielded bulk content without too much disruption to the lives of those involved.

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