Destination Port Stephens

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‘Positioning Port Stephens as your ideal destination for a refreshingly different business event’

Through our previous work in Port Stephens, we were commissioned to film the new Destination Port Stephens (DPS) tourism campaign. This campaign aimed to bring business events to Port Stephens after a particularly dry visitor economy season.


The shoot was complex and required extensive pre-production. It was a three day event which required ongoing storyboarding, talent casting, location permits, communication and coordination with various venues, all to fill in a seamless runsheet.

In line with Destination Port Stephens’ mission to deliver destination marketing, we refined a bright tourism style showing off Port Stephens as an opulent getaway for business events and team bonding. The shoot was filled with yoga, wine, dolphins, lawn games, golden hour, coffee, a smoking ceremony, fine dining, golf and (lots of!) wardrobe changes. The end product speaks for itself.

Thank you to the DPS team for being such a pleasure to work with, and for the fantastic venues that hosted us.


The video has been rolled out on various tourism platforms. We have adjusted the video to suit different applications to ensure the piece can be utilised by different people within the organisation. This flexibility that we offer ensures high value and the best results for the piece overall. The aspirational feels lends itself to social media, therefore multiple cutdowns were created for seamless social interaction.



Well done, the footage you shot over the 3 days is spot on and absolutely gorgeous. Talent top-notch, we couldn’t have asked for better talent, weather, film crew and producers.
DPS Coordination Team

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