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"Design and Price Your Home" tool explainer

Domaine Homes recently launched the “Design and Price Your Home” tool – an online home builder, developed by Zimple. The NSW team required a step through explainer to promote the tool and show how easy it is to use. A catchy and memorable video developed by the eluminate inhouse team? Too easy. 

The Project

Zimple a local agency reached out for production assistance with their digital marketing client Domaine Homes. 

A few meetings determined the brief and requirements of the project. The eluminate team provided art direction and storyboarding as well as production management and logistics.

A new challenge arose during the pre-visualisation stage – combining the two brand looks within the one video. The more corporate functionality of the tool had to work in conjunction with the expressive illustrative style. Storyboarding was essential to plan this.

After a site recce and talent self-tapes, we had a fully mapped out shoot day in the calendar. The shoot went smoothly, we got to test out some new gear and Cherish (Domaine team member/our talent) was a dream to work with!

Post Production included a more considered colour grade to suit their colour palette, as well as, animations and graphics to match current collateral.


This is amazing!!! The team and I absolutely love the vibe and mood of the video & Cherish is a natural!
Domaine Team

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