South East Asia Showcase


Cargill Australia approached us with the goal of producing a captivating video that highlights their significant investment and pivotal role in canola and cottonseed oil production across Asia, the Middle East, and Europe. The primary objective was to increase their connection between Cargill and its customers, particularly Southeast Asian and Australian farmers. Through this video, the dedication and commitment of the Cargill team looks toward delivering these essential products and meeting customer demands.

Our crew travelled across New South Wales and Victoria to capture the vision of these stunning regions while connecting with various Cargill team members. The passion of the employees was palpable as they spoke with our producer Ben about why they are proud of this investment, the importance of Australian manufacturing, and the excitement of the future ahead.



Eluminate are a great company to work with. They took the time to understand our business need and our target customers. They brought visual interest and story telling together in a product we were delighted with and were extremely proud to share with customers, the community and our employees.
Matthew Trewin
Regional Communications and Marketing Lead - CASC, South, South East Asia and Australia

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