We are still here.

With the ongoing impact of COVID-19 all around, the increase in


may have you thinking (f)THAT!

crazy times

But as we stare into the vast unknown, there’s comfort to be taken from knowing that while somethings change, some stay the same.

It’s still OK to laugh, it’s OK to smile, to joke, to cry, to stumble, to create, to strive, to enlighten.

And while the events unfolding around us are serious, it’s OK to not take yourself too seriously.

If our transition from regular face to face creative meetings to daily (e)meetings is anything to go by… we think we’ve got that covered.

Due to the nature of our work, the transition to remote operating requirements and the adoption of online processes within the (e)world has been relatively straight forward for the (e)luminate team.

In truth, we have been working remotely for a large portion of our clients and projects since we ventured into business.

Be that from mines sites across the country, ports around Australia, board rooms in capital cities, hospitals throughout regional areas, airport lounges across the globe and also from our homes.

While the reason for working remotely may have changed, our understanding, experience, expertise and drive has not.

The office doors may not be open, but our inboxes, phone lines and online portals are.

We are still here. We are still working. We are still creating.

We are still laughing when we can.
We think it’s important that you should be too.

Stay safe
Stay calm
Stay human

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