The process of bringing an idea to life!

We have extensive experience in the process of producing professional videos from concept to creation.

Our highly skilled production team can create the concept from the ground up and take care of all pre production needs.

Video Production Equipment
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Creating an effective online marketing strategy requires media of all types.

Our in house capabilities are broader than just professional video production.

TV production is an area that our team has extensive experience in.

Difficult production schedules, tight delivery timeframes and stringent technical checks are all familiar to us.

Designing, developing and producing content for broadcast is more than simply creating videos. There are a host of technical restrictions and legal guidelines that must be met.

Corporate video has become an essential tool for organisations wanting to effectively communicate with their teams and the community.

Creative, engaging video is unmatched in it’s ability to communicate vast amounts of information in a short timeframe.

Online distribution, social media platforms and improving internet speeds allow smart businesses to realise these benefits.

There has been exponential growth in web video over the past few years. How can your business benefit from this? There is huge potential reach that can be generated by having engaging content delivered across your social platforms and website.

We have a strong understanding on how to produce engaging content and make sure that it is tailored to the platform that it is to be delivered on.

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The explosion of social media over the past few years is a clear indication of where the industry is heading. The importance of web video is becoming more and more apparent and we are currently developing content and strategies for our clients with this is mind.

Given our years of experience getting the best shots out of ground based cameras, it’s a no brainer to apply that cinematography knowledge to the air!

As CASA certified drone operators we use our fleet of UAVs to acquire stunning aerial visuals, all while following correct airspace protocol.
This gives our clients peace of mind that all air operations are legal, safe and professional. There is no room for cowboys when it comes to flying!

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eluminate production van

Whether it be sport coverage or music festivals, we have years of experience being on the ground in fast paced situations where there are no second chances to get the shot.

Whether client is looking for full coverage or a highlights reel for their social media platforms, our team can plan the best way to cover the event through to cutting together the final product, all within deadlines that allow client to release and capitalise on the traction of the event.

We’ve been helping our clients develop and deliver e-learning content since we first ventured into business. Identifying the target audience and understanding the training outcomes is just one part of the overall requirement..

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