The Women of Darby Street

Happy International Women’s Day! We are so excited to share with you part one of our ‘Women of Darby St’ campaign. We asked the women of Darby Street to contribute to a letter that would be shared as a collective message. As a Darby St business with a strong female workforce, we are continuously inspired by the other women we interact with in our community and wanted to recognise them.

Local businesses have had a rough few years and it is our hope that we can be a part of rebuilding and revitalising our community. It is important for us to undertake passion projects, using our medium and platform to share a united voice. With so many inspiring women and stories to share, the campaign will be rolling out over the next few weeks to keep the IWD celebrations alive!

Darby St women are here to tell you their #wordonthestreet to connect and empower. We challenge you to do the same. Join the conversation and #breakthebias by sharing your #wordonthestreet because if we lift each other up, we can all succeed.

This is part of a series for our new Flex Campaigns. More details coming soon.

Read the full letter, written by the women of Darby Street.