Monthly Project Showcase – May 2020


If April dragged on like a drunk Uncles’ story at a wedding, May felt a bit like watching the first dance. Slightly awkward and a little out of step to start… before the joy, warmth and support in the room came into effect. The music kicked in and before you knew it, everyone was dancing and toasting the path ahead. 

Of course if it was a COVID timed wedding there would only be ten people attending, no finger food would be on offer and it wouldn’t be the drunks getting thrown out. Instead it would be anyone with a cough or a temperature… but I think you’ll get the drift.

May may be over… but we aren’t done just yet. All things considered it was a solid and inspiring month for the (e) brigade. A stutter quickly switching into a quick step as the production machine played on.

  • A non-stop trip from the Arctic Circle to Newcastle. 
  • Specialised training content for Paramedics.
  • Collaboration from the bedroom.
  • Value propositions.
  • Poo jokes on a grand scale. 
  • And a Sydney Film Festival accolade for one of the team.


Wait. What ?

International travel during lockdown, bedroom collaboration and Poo jokes… WTF ???

OK, OK we didn’t do the travel… but we learnt about a tiny bird that makes the annual trek halfway round the world to a select breeding ground in our own backyard and got to tell the story about why it should be protected. 

Working remotely meant makeshift home offices were at the forefront of production for the team once again, be it the kitchen bench, sofa or bedroom. And Poo jokes.. come on, really… who doesn’t like a good Poo joke ? We got to create a jingle and an animation as part of a TVC (television commercial) on how to Respect the Throne. 

‘Shit Got Real’.

The team turned out a series of specialised, high-level Paramedic training elements for implementation into a learning platform for NSW Ambulance.

Reflections on COVID-19 working arrangements, productivity, wellbeing, support and the path ahead all came under focus as we revisited our company values.

Topping it off, our very own Emily Jordan was announced as a finalist in the prestigious Sydney Film Festival for a stop-motion animation short film ‘Obscura’ she created with her sister Hannah, a twin media wizard who works at a neighbouring production house. Countless hours, hard work, drive, determination, passion and painstaking persistence goes into any project of this calibre. We see it in Emily every day in every project she works on. Break a leg ladies. Check out the preview to the SFF here.

We can’t single out one particular piece of work that characterised the month and the team, but without doubt there is a single focus that galvanised it. Unity.

Move over May, here comes June and we are ready, willing and raring to dance.

— Kev

Hunter Shorebirds