Monthly Project Showcase – June 2020


Gone are the days of an ‘up to date’ laundry basket. Pastimes like baking sourdough are a distant memory, and a ringing door bell from online deliveries no longer signals the ‘sound of suburbia’. We’re seeing kids disappearing from Zoom backgrounds as a sense of normality, but only for a short period as school holidays are already looming.

We’re escaping to Newcastle’s surrounding bushland on weekend camping trips. In the fresh air we feel wildly lucky… the ash stained trees are only slightly unsettling now.

The eluminate crew is pushing ahead and feel very fortunate to be able to do so.

We’re multi-hat wearing folk, so June was filled with a diverse array of clients and video content.

  • Port of Newcastle, Sustainability
  • Hunter Water, #istayatwork
  • Hunter Valley Gardens, Winter school holiday campaign
  • Newcastle International College tour – some sweet internal drone
  • Headstart ABI, stories
  • Newcastle Knights, internal team building comms
  • Hunter Water, National Reconciliation Week


Plus more, that we’re not quite ready to share.

Tourism destinations re-opening, internal droning and Zooming former Knights.

Our clients are revealing stories… across a range of topics, and we’re getting the chance to re-evaluate the impact of COVID beyond our individual experience. There are extraordinary stories of perseverance, diligence and teamwork, along with a focus on unifying the relevance of all experiences – from working from home to Hunter Water’s front line explaining why #istayatwork. We’ve had clients talk of their internal core Values, which has inspired us to look inward and develop our own here at eluminate.

The curve still isn’t quite back to where we’d like it. Yet we’re finding a turning point in the conversation from ‘we’re in this together’ to ‘we got through this together’.

Capturing these stories served as a source of inspiration for us, as businesses share what they did when they just had to get it done.

Clients are talking about capturing the momentum, holding it and pushing forward with it. Instead of ‘I hope things go back to normal’, the conversation is moving towards the possibility of something better.

That’s a very powerful message that we are taking into July.

— Emily & Kath

Hunter Water | National Reconciliation Week 2020