International Women’s Day 2020


This year for International Women’s Day, we wanted to celebrate the women we work with.
We reached out to some of the incredible women we collaborate with, and who inspire us. We asked if we could share their stories.
A few things stood out to us about these women…

  • They forged a career in leadership roles, in organisations and industries often perceived as male dominated
  • They gained the confidence of their teams through their generosity and emotional intelligence
  • They are all extremely supportive of other successful females, using words like limitless, versatile and articulate to describe one another



The videos were curated utilsing a Vogue micro-doco style – Sophisticated, polished and crafted to capture the unique personalities of each woman.

The interview format was very relaxed, providing the opportunity to connect as women and reflect on their career and values. Breaking the fourth wall and letting the camera roll during off hand moments of laughter and interaction played an important role in capturing our working relationships.

Not just wanting to build on the relationships forged through our work ‘with them,’ it provided an opportunity to highlight how we are also inspired ‘by them.’

Facing tight schedules and daily deadlines within their roles, we needed to maximise the two hours we had with them in order to interview and capture overlay.  We chose to film them at various Newcastle locations, based on their commute, where they work and what their day-to-day routine looked like. 

We took a stylised approach to light, colour and pace. As we got to know each other better, the style evolved to match the personalities of each woman. A thread of cinematic full screen imagery tying the individual pieces together.

Early morning light, with a bass catwalk anthem suited powerhouse Marie, often found working all hours of the day.

A softer, colourful composition matched Alex, a master of balance with career and family. Her morning commute via ferry and tram provided a cinematic opportunity we simply couldn’t pass up.

Jeanine who is all things adventure befitted a faster pace, accompanied by thunderous skies and rocky maritime vision.


This being an eluminate project, we had ultimate control over how to execute the content. Our interest lay in the delivery and social rollout, so we created a campaign with each of the eluminate digital platforms in mind. 

Purpose shot for social media, we filmed in portrait, turning the camera on its side to achieve full screen framing. This project required different, unique exports, all with slight adjustments in aspect ratios for the varied platforms – LinkedIn, Facebook, Facebook stories, Instagram, IGTV and Instagram stories.

Four pieces of content were created in total. The PREVIEW (sub sixty seconds) and THREE PRIMARY case studies pieces that ran for more than sixty seconds. All giving rise to challenges in edit and execution in order to achieve the best performance.

Best viewed on your phone, we would love for you to take a look at the content produced and the snapshot it provides into the lives of these incredible women.

A huge thank you to the women featured, along with the eluminate team who made it possible. Always united, willing and excited to rise to the challenge and try something new. To shine a light and give credit where credit is due.

Celebrating the women we work with!

Alex Swords
Hunter Water Corporation
Senior Communications Adviser

Marie Omark
Port of Newcastle
Executive Manager Corporate Services

Jeanine Drummond
Port Authority of NSW
Harbour Master – Newcastle & Yamba