eLearning, Training and Educational Content

Our crew are Media Production Specialists uniquely positioned to create stunning educational, eLearning, training and corporate communication content. With an extensive understanding of industry specific operational and safety requirements our team is comprised of specialist creatives, developers, producers and skilled camera operators with broadcast experience in eLearning, commercial, event and programme production.


We thrive on creating cinematic video, engaging interactivities and assessment pathways, custom built to our clients requirements. We can deliver an LMS ready training solution.


Within our 30 years of combined production experience, we have mastered a production method which is low footprint, lean, and highly efficient. We are based in Newcastle, NSW, however many of our clients are based around the country. Keeping our team small but scalable, allows us to move and grow with our client’s requirements while offering unprecedented value. Being relaxed and easy to work with doesn’t reduce the quality of our product. Through our experience, people give us their best performances when they are calm and enjoying the collaborative process.


Our crew understand that safety is paramount when on-site and we are proud of our flawless safety record.


Take a look at our eLearning and Training showcase below.

Click below to see some of our recent work 

Our production crew thrive when finding a dynamic and engaging solution for your educational content. Take a look at this reel that showcases some of the 360 degree video content we have produced in the past.

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