Monthly Project Showcase – April 2020

We suspect a few toasts may have been made last night, you could almost hear the collective sigh… April 2020 is over. Stick a fork in it, it is done.

And what an April it was. It started with a joke on the 1st, but as it and the uncertainty it herald dragged on… there were few laughing by the end of it. These are unprecedented times.

We were lucky enough to be working through April, albeit from home offices, benchtops and makeshift desks. Steadily picking our way through projects and the challenging but very necessary restrictions imposed across the country.

Initiative and problem solving was the order of the day, the week… the month as it turned out.

The team rose to the challenge, relishing the opportunity to make it work. Filming interviews and capturing imagery while following social distancing guidelines and implementing high hygiene levels added a level of complexity… but the team made it possible, perfecting the method without impacting production standards.

Through adversity comes innovation.

Interviews were shot utilising metres and metres of separation between the operator, then the producer and then the interviewee. Shooting into a building, from outside a building, through a glass window to the interviewee inside the building… became a requirement. Less Peeping Tom, more Long Lens Todd! The team steadfastly working through the problems in order to capture the stunning imagery we, and our clients, have come to expect.

Other solutions included recording video interviews over Zoom with home delivered, sanitised, professional audio equipment.

Portable edit suites and video production via online video conference simply became the norm as our love for visual storytelling rolled on.

From innovation comes inspiration.

We know we are lucky to be working while colleagues and friends simply aren’t able to. The doors to their businesses forcibly shut, their industries prevented from operating.  And so while we toast the end of April, we also toast those impacted by COVID-19 with a collective wish for better days ahead.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our finalised projects for April to go with the toast, and the hope that it may be a source of inspiration for you, as it has been for us.

— Kev

This is one of our favourites from the Hunter Medical Research Institute (HMRI) Video Series, see all the pieces in the YouTube Playlist above. HMRI – Controlling The Spread – How To Effectively Wash Your Hands.